Choosing a Positive Attitude!

Times have changed. At least this is what everyone says. It is fashionable to use the famous management phrase: The only thing constant is change. We are not denying that. However, not everything changes. Laws of nature don’t! For example time – it marches on. We all have 24 hours in a day and how we use this time is what makes for the difference in what we each achieve.

Similarly there are certain attributes and facts that do not change. For example organizations need people who not only have the aptitude for their respective work but also the attitude.

To be where we are today, most of us would have gone through the following routine:

· To become an engineer, I joined an engineering university
· To become a doctor I joined medical university
· To become an accountant, I joined a professional accounting body
· To become an artist, I joined arts school
· To become an individual with positive attitude, I joined ???? … well…

See what I mean ? !

No single institute teaches us how to have a positive attitude. Yet most companies hire and fire people on their attitude.

Success requires one to motivate oneself to have a positive attitude. Is it easy? No! Can it be done? Can people really change their attitudes? YES!

To change our attitudes we need to take a step back and revisit our own lives. It requires us to reboot our thinking and/or maybe even upload the latest upgrade.

We were born and this is our life. At the end of the day no one is responsible for my happiness more than I myself. People often say they want appreciation and recognition (non-financial) at the workplace to feel motivated and have a positive attitude towards work. But why? Since when did non-recognition amount to de-motivation?. Years ago, officials rejected a candidate for news broadcasters post since his voice was not fit for the job. He was also told that with his obnoxiously long name, he would have trouble being recognized. This person is Amitabh Bachchan! Another example is of a student who was scolded by a school teacher for not paying attention to his mathematics and for not being able to solve simple problems. She told him that he would not become anybody in life. This boy was Albert Einstein!

I am personally fascinated by a quotation by Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) an American writer. She says, “Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach
them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.”

What are you looking at? Where are you going? What do you believe in? and how hard are you trying?

Remember that we are not a victim of our present but creators of our future. This requires challenging what we do – now!

Here are 4 things you can do to develop a positive attitude

1) Give one hour/day to become an expert:

Read & enhance yourself. Find a meaning to your life and drive yourself in that direction. This may be work related or otherwise. This gives you the confidence to speak and share your thoughts on a particular subject.

2) Stay away from misery lovers’ company:

These are individuals who are drowning and will take you down as well. It is like receiving an attachment from a virus infected computer. Information coming from people who are negative needs to be cleaned.

3) Spend (some) money with family:

Most of us work to support our families and provide our dear ones with a better standard of living. This is why money is so critical. Spend this money with the people you love. It may give you a sense of achievement. This is also a way of rewarding yourself. Spend money sometimes – it feels good

4) Keep your faith.

Faith gives hope for the future and allows us to dream and visualize an abundant future. “He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he who loses courage and faith loses all”. – Miguel de Cervantes, 1547-1616, Spanish Novelist, Dramatist, Poet

Don’t wait – Choose to have positive attitude – Just do it !