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  • The Patterns of Excellence
  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • How to Achieve Anything You Want
  • The Key to Absolute Power
  • The Incredible Power of Beliefs
  • The Secret of Peak Performance
  • Directing Your Brain for Optimum Results
  • Anchoring: the Keyboard to Your Emotions
  • The Transformation of Meaning
  • Values: Your Driving Force
  • Design Your Destiny
  • How to Replicate Someone’s Success Blueprint


There was once a professor who wanted to go down a river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him downstream for a small sum of money.

As they wound their way down the river, the professor decides to show-off his intelligence and high education so he started to test the simple boatman.

Taking up a stone he had picked up from the riverbank, the professor arrogantly asks the boatman, ‘Have you ever studied Geology?’ The boatman looks at him blankly and replies, ‘Eh…, no.’, hardly even understanding what the word meant.

‘Then, I am afraid 25 percent of your life is gone!’ the professor loftily says.

The boatman feels really bad about his ignorance but continues to row on.

As they move further downstream, the river currents begin to get stronger and stronger. The professor picks up a leaf floating on the river and asks condescendingly, ‘Boatman, have you ever studied Botany?’

Confused the poor boatman again says, ‘No.’

The professor shakes his head and says, ‘Tsk tsk, then 50 percent of your life is gone.’ He then signals him to carry on rowing. As they move further downstream, the currents get even stronger, the water is moving faster and the boat begins to sway violently.

Suddenly the professor sees a mountain range, points to it and asks,

‘Do you know anything about Geography?’ Feeling very inferior and humiliated, the boatman again says ‘No.’

The professor snaps back. ‘I thought so. Then 75 percent of your life is gone!’

At this point, the river has become a raging torrent. The water is moving so swiftly that the boatman loses control of the small boat.

Suddenly, the fragile craft smashes against a huge boulder, springs a leak and begins to sink.

This time the boatman turns to the professor and asks, ‘Professor! Do you know how to swim?’ The professor fearfully replies, ‘No!’

‘Then, I am afraid 100 percent of your life is gone!’ says the boatman as he leaps off the boat and powers his way to safety on the shore.

Just like the river, we are living in times of rapid and evolutionary changes. Is the river of life going to get faster and more unpredictable? You bet! This is only just the beginning.

What took a decade to change now takes merely months. Think about this: it took 50 years for cassette tapes to replace records. It then took less than ten years for compact discs to replace cassette tapes. Soon after, it took less than five years for Mini-Discs to appear on the scene. Today, less than three years later, MP3s are looking to make everything else totally obsolete. Mega million-dollar businesses can become bankrupt because of obsolescence overnight. At the same time, small companies can become worldwide market leaders in just a few years. Similarly, a professional with years of experience and a high market value can become economically unviable within a short period of time. Why?

The new economy is so dynamic that 80 percent of what you learn in school will become obsolete by the time you graduate. 30 percent of the jobs, companies, products and services that are commonplace now never existed a decade ago.

Who ever heard of a chief information officer, a website designer, technopreneurs, internet service providers (ISPs) or net nannies in the

1990s? Similarly, 50 percent of the jobs that exist today will no longer exist in their present form ten years from now.

In fact, the average person will probably go through four career changes (not job changes) in their entire lifetime. Why? Simply because the jobs they have and the companies they work for will not exist for very long.

‘The world must change and leaders are the ones who change it’

These seem like scary times, but they can also be awesome times with unrealized opportunities for those who not only embrace the change but lead the change! With change, comes incredible opportunity. Think about it!

There are now a hundred times more millionaires and many more billionaires as compared to decades past. And unlike the past when most of them were in their fifties, today’s billionaires are in their thirties! Today, with an innovative idea, you could become the owner of a billion dollar company in less than ten years. Think of Amazon.com, E-Bay, Oracle or Hotmail.

Do you have what it takes to swim in the dynamic and ever changing river of life? Will you crest the new age waves or get caught in the deadly undertow?

Will you be like the professor who thinks he knows everything but drowns in the river of the real world? You and I both know that academic success, knowledge and intelligence are no guarantees of success in the new economy. In fact, they could mean very little.

Some of the movers and shakers of the new economy are school dropouts who employ ‘professors’ to run their businesses. Bill Gates

(Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle) & Richard Branson (Virgin group) never finished school.

While education and academic qualifications are important, they are not enough if you want to make it in these turbulent evolutionary times. Those who are the most successful in the new economy are not necessarily the ones with the highest IQ or the most letters behind their name. It is those who exhibit certain patterns of excellence.

The patterns of excellence I refer to is the ability to take charge of your mental resources and unleash your personal power! It is a set of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors exhibited by individuals who consistently produce exceptional results.

It is the ability to take charge of your life, be in control of your emotional state and bring out the best of your personal potential. It is about having the flexibility to constantly grow by learning, unlearning and relearning. It is the ability to model and replicate excellence within a very short period of time. It is being able to constantly respond in an empowering way to the events swirling around you.

Those who lack ‘swimming’ skills (professors, professionals or just plain ordinary people) will continue to be controlled by their external environment and be ruled by the fear of change and unpredictability.

They will end up frustrated and powerless victims of this massive wave of globalization, restructuring and change. Those who can ‘swim’ and ride this wave will experience wealth, success and fulfillment beyond their wildest imagination.

In this book, you will learn how to equip yourself with the mindset, skills and behavioral patterns to do just this. You will be armed with the patterns of excellence so you can master your mind and design your destiny – whatever the external circumstances.