Life offers many tough challenges and perhaps one of the toughest is to stay motivated.

Many times, even the most motivated of us tend to slack somewhere.

So how do you stay motivated forever without giving yourself that excuse to not do so?

Here are five effective ways that will help you stay motivated forever.

1. Visualize your Goal

It begins with the understanding of what you really want.

Once that item is taken care of, it is important to visualize the ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve.

When you create a vision of the thing that you aim to achieve, it creates a powerful gravitating force that makes you want to strive for. This vision leads to an inspiration, which in turn propels you to keep yourself motivated.

For example, if weight loss is your goal, see a healthier, slimmer you in that outfit you always wanted to fit into.

No matter what your goal, this works like magic.

2. Postpone Laziness

Procrastination or laziness is a major inhibitor for motivation.

Every time you put something off for later, you move one step down from your goal. Therefore, it is important to stop making excuses and go for it.

If you are preparing for an examination that could change your life for better and you don’t feel like picking up that book to study, postpone that thought; and get started.

Every time that you think of postponing a task in hand that will help you achieve your goal, postpone your excuses/laziness instead of postponing the actual task.

The bottom line: The time is now!

3. Positive In, Negative Out

Negativity in any form hampers your approach towards goals.

The mind allows negativity to seep in quite often; it is important to eliminate these negative thoughts to keep you motivated.

Think of all the negative thoughts that cross your mind: some common ones are, “I never knew this task could be so tough, Oh I can’t do thisI don’t think I am cut out for this.”

Instead replace these thoughts with “I can do it, If he/she can, so can I, This is what I have wanted to do always, now is the time.

Positive thoughts can significantly impact the way you deal with the task at hand, which eventually yields desirable results.

Always approach your goal/task with a “can do” attitude; this is a certain way to keep yourself motivated for tougher challenges.

Besides positive thoughts, it is also essential to avoid negative people who can do or say things to bring your motivation levels down.

Criticism and compliments are both important components of staying motivated.

However, with positive people you are sure to get less criticism and more support, which plays a pivotal role in keeping you even more motivated.

4. One Day at a Time

While a long-term vision to your goal is crucial, it is equally important to take small steps.

Set yourself small milestones that finally lead to your main goal.

By taking these baby steps, you enjoy small successes that help you stay motivated.

After a few days/months, you will start to notice that you have progressed well, and want to keep going for more.

5. Don’t Give Up

You can’t control all things about your life.

If you experience a little lull in your motivation levels, don’t give up.

You still have the big goal that still remains to be achieved.

If you experience a slowdown, don’t let it get to you.

It is probably just one of those days when you are really not up to it.

Take it easy; however, don’t lose sight of the long-term goal and how badly you need to achieve it.

Motivation, like learning, never ceases and is a lot of hard work.

With a little effort and a never-give-up-attitude, you are going to keep your motivation levels at an all-time high.