We each have within an incredible gift that we can share with our fellow human beings. It’s not some magical thing. Yet it is equally as powerful! It’s our ability to share our smile!

A smile when given at the right moment can literally lift the frown of another. Think about this for a second. It’s one of life’s mysteries that no one can resist that urge to smile back.

I recall one particular instance that I was in a meeting with several business people that were older in years than me. It was as if years of being in business for themselves had hardened them in some way.

I was there (as many before me had been I am sure) to show my product. The leader of the meeting quickly said “well, Mr. Ali, (in an almost smug sounding voice..lol) why should we choose your product” as he was shifting papers on his desk. Friend, I looked him squarely in the eye and smiled a big smile and simply waited (it seemed like hours passed..lol). Then suddenly beneath his hard shell emerged a half smile!

I said. “Mr. so and so, no doubt you have had many proposals and all are surely good products, but here’s what I have to offer”. How the rest of the meeting went is really not the issue, what is important is that we understand that we have to get people that we talk with to view us as a human being (and not just another person with a product). Sharing the gift of our smile is one of the surest ways I know to do that :-)