Religious_symbols-4x4.svgReligion, race, ethnicity, sects or color, human beings, nowadays tend to find a reason to hate each other. The rich hates the poor and poor kills the rich to get their cut. The black hate white for unjust behavior and disrespectful treatment and the white hate black for their color or their angry nature. Americans hate Russians, Indians hate Pakistanis, Arabs hate non-Arabs and non-Arabs hate the rest of the world. We have gone so much extreme in our hatred that we have stereotyped each other.

As human beings – worldwide, as locals – in each society, we have learned reasons to hate, to get angry or to fight. Some justify their behavior under the flag of religion, some under the flag of country whereas some try to escape with their own lame excuses. We were taught to hate each other for a reason. We teach our children to hate – and then we get amused when they hate us upon committing a mistake or not doing things their way.

No one is born with all that knowledge; we learn everything in this world, from our parents and from our societies. But unfortunately we happen to be taught by the ignorant. Who wasted their lives’ energies in finding other’s mistakes and hating them for these mistakes?


child-care_0But, it takes a smile; it takes a generous act or a word to love someone to make use of your life in an appropriate manner. You just got to pick the reason, you just got to tell your mind, you just got to think, you just got to act and your world in fact the entire universe around you will change. Sometimes you don’t even need a reason to love people, go out talk to the people. Talk to those poor children as they are your own, and they really will respect you like mom or dad. Try to share your life, try to share your health, your wealth, your time with those you hated till today morning. The more you get to know them the more you will like them, the more decent and charming they will become.

The moment you start loving the world around you, the moment you start feeling the importance each person in this world the very moment all those voice will be silenced forever that had been teaching you the reasons to hate, the reasons to ruin the world, the reasons to destroy your life. Every reason that tells you things will never change disappears and the person you were before this moment, that person’s turn is over. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. The real you, the new you…