Life comes in a package… new-package-magic-300x228

It is never only happiness or sadness. It is never only health or sickness. All the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the dark and shining are all the part of every-one’s life.

It is never sure that you are going to get the best package or the package you like. As a juggler, juggles many balls or at the same time, but the best juggler gets only two pieces at a time in his hands.

Same is the case with life !

happy_packageYou may have many things in your life but you only get to grip a couple of things WELL and these things keep changing. This changing, juggling and ever transitioning idea is called life. The quality of life depends on how better you juggle – how well is your estimation of holding on and letting go. The perfection in time of holding and letting go – you are responsible for creating or designing the package of your life. You just have to accept the package and learn to live with it. Do your best with whatever you have.