To the extent you know love you become love. Love is more than an emotion, it is a force of nature and therefore must contain truth. When you say the word love, you may catch the feeling but the essence cannot be spoken. The purest love lies where it is least expected; in UN-attachment.

What do you think of love? Would you suffer out of love?

Ask these questions from yourself and find out for yourself, what is your inner image of love. Love is basically an inner image. Love can change to hate, if the reality of the object changes. Look beyond your emotions, they always change; ask yourself what lies behind the image.

To us love is highly personal feeling, to me it is a universal force, I do not see forms of love as higher or lower – that is the language of judgment – I DON’T JUDGE!

There is only one form of love, personal love is concentrated form of universal love. Universal love is an expanded form of personal love. You can experience both to the fullest, if you allow yourself to be open. To some extent or another we all fall in love with images. Usually we are searching for someone to either reflect our own self-image or to repair it. Feeling incomplete in yourself, you try to bounce your lack through someone else.

Searching out your own voice is the first step of universal love. Filling love with the essence of life is the second. If you honestly look at your past, you will always find a mixed bag; some experience may have aroused love of self or others, when it is not. These images what they are, accept them and move to higher sense of self, which is unconnected with memory; this is the origin of love. The origin of yourself is entered through meditation. You can get a sense of what it is like to go beyond the image you keep in your mind, if you just imagine a beautiful girl/boy, than think of them as old and try to end up with a wrinkled image of them. Do you feel the same? Can you call it love? When a mere change of image causes such an alteration?

When you stop seeing love as a mere emotion it makes sense and as a universal force, love is drawing everyone towards it. Thus we should honor every expression of love – how ever distorted.