Introduction and welcome
The secret to making conversation and small talk
How do you get people to talk to you?

How to create a favourable first impression
How to keep conversations going
Awesome one liners for you to use
Learn how to say NO and mean it

How to feel great in an INSTANT
How to complain effectively and get what you want
How to give tough messages and feedback

Communication Skills
How to speak up at meetings
How to run meetings
Public speaking techniques
How to give winning presentations



Besides feelings of low self worth and speaking in public/groups, meeting
and talking to people is the most common topic that I coach and help
people with in my coaching businesses.
In fact most people would rather pull their toenails out than actually have
to go up to someone they have never met before and strike up a
But don’t worry help is at hand!
Throughout this chapter I am going to talk you through how to
communicate with people that you have never met before and teach you
how to drum up conversation with people and make small talk.
The techniques work equally well with people whom you find
communicating to very difficult or awkward.
Are you one of those people who meets someone new for the first time,
you get past the “Hello” and then a tumbleweed breezes across the floor?!
If so, you are not alone.
Meeting people for the first time and striking up conversations can be a
very daunting task, but it need not be the case.
If you understand all about other people and how they like to
communicate and what they like to talk about, then striking up a
conversation can be an enjoyable experience.
Here’s how.
The problem with meeting new people or people who you do not know
very well is that you tend to find that you put yourself under pressure to

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