Having transitioned from a corporate job to a spiritual healer, I often get asked how I knew what my life’s purpose was. This is how it happened: Seven years ago, I was an architect in New York City and in the span of a year, I went through a divorce, had surgery, and got run over by a car.

Searching for answers, I had a session with a spiritual healer that immediately changed my life in completely unexpected ways. I cleared my health issues, got clarity on many BIG life decisions, such as my life’s purpose and my real soul partner.

The session was so powerful that I needed to learn how to do this myself, so I went to California and discovered I had been repressing a beautiful intuitive and clairvoyant gift. I also learned that my mission was to help women discover their life purpose and create a healthy lifestyle as they contribute their talents to the world.

The moment I discovered my calling, the pain of not fulfilling it was so deep that I could no longer stay at my old job. I could no longer be an architect because something much bigger was waiting for me. I also knew that not fulfilling my purpose would be a disservice.

The more I share this work, the more women I find who are also hiding their gifts. Deep inside, they know that there is something special that they are meant to do in this world. You are here for a reason: God, the Universe, whatever you believe in, put you here for a reason. And you are probably feeling an urge to find out what your calling is, to stop hiding, and begin to act on it.

So I have a message for you: Your talents were divinely given to you and it is your duty to put them into use and serve.

If you don’t live your purpose, it can be very painful. I know because I’ve been there, living an unfulfilled and unhealthy life. But if you step into your purpose, life becomes incredibly joyful and abundant as you make this world a better place. Some people are afraid of knowing their purpose, because what if they know it and then they don’t do anything about it? (Now that’s a scary thought!)

Isn’t it time that you own your gifts instead of hiding or taking them for granted? Here are the first steps to start to get closer to discover your life’s purpose:

1. Get present to what makes you unique.

No other person has the skills, talents and life experiences that you have. Come up with a list of your passions. If you get stuck, ask a loved one to tell you three things that make you special. You’ll be surprised as to how much you may have forgotten about what excites you and also what differentiates you.

2. Reconnect to your childhood fantasies and games.

Go way back to when you were a child and write down all the things that you loved to do. I used to love to play a game of guessing what someone else was thinking. Later, I discovered that I was an intuitive and had been repressing this beautiful ability. Going back to the games that you played and fantasies that you had as a child will offer clues to your life purpose.

3. What would you do if you had no limits?

Find some quiet time to journal on your answer to this question. Aim to do this first thing in the morning, when you can connect to your higher self and allow your soul to speak to you. You’ll start to get a clear direction in regards to your true passions, which are big hints about your purpose.

4. Find repetitive patterns

After doing these quick exercises, look for patterns. Be careful not to dismiss what you think could be your life purpose just because you haven’t been paid to do it in the past. You have the power to change that and you deserve to get paid to do what you love.

5. Get a life purpose reading

Your unique life’s purpose can quickly and clearly come to the light with a reading from a qualified professional.

Isn’t it time that you contribute your unique talents to the world and get healthy and happy as you do? The world needs you!