LONDON : Ever wanted to communicate your thoughts without speaking a word? British scientists have created a system for brain to brain communication a development researchers claimed will allow people to send thoughts, words and images directly to the minds of others.The system, developed by the researchers at the British University of Southampton, has been hailed as the future of the internet, which would provide a revolutionary way to communicate without the need for keyboards and telephones.

It was claimed the technology, the first of its kind, would allow people to send thoughts, words and images directly to the minds of others, particularly people with a disability.

“This could be useful for those people who are locked into their bodies, who can’t speak, can’t even blink,” said the lead scientist Christopher James.

However, he cautioned that his experiments were “the first baby steps” towards technologies that would allow people instantly to send thoughts, words, and images directly into the minds of others.

Scientists used “brain-computer interfacing”, a technique that allows computers to analyse brain signals, that enabled them to send messages formed by a person’s brain signals though an internet connection to another person’s brain miles away.

According to James, during transmission two people were connected to electrodes that measure activity in specific parts of the brain. The first person generated a series of zeros and ones, where they imagined moving their left arm for zero and right arm for one.

After the first person’s computer recognises the binary thoughts, it sends them to the internet and then to the other person’s computer.

A lamp is then flashed at two different frequencies for one and zero. “It’s not telepathy,” James said. e added: “There’s no conscious thought forming in one person’s head and another conscious thought appearing in another person’s mind.

“The next experiments are to get that second person to be aware of the information that is being sent to them. For that, I need to get my thinking cap on, so to speak.”