happy-workplaceEvery morning when I drive to work, I make it a point to notice the expression on the faces of other people. Most of them have an expression which tells me that they would rather do something else than go to their workplace. This feeling or attitude stems from the basic fact that many employees are not happy in the workplace.

But happiness is a matter of choice for it is not possible for all of us to have the best employer in the world. For optimum performance, enhanced productivity and greater profit, it is important to strive to be happy in one’s workplace. It is a fact that most employees work under great pressure with stress coming from different sources, but a few basic steps will ensure that the happiness index does not slip down leading to decreased morale and depression; hence, it is essential to identify the areas that cause depression, and work towards eliminating them.

Transparent and open communication play a crucial role. When an employee feels that his superior is willing to listen to him, it reduces the tension in his mind. Appreciation is yet another key happiness factor, as we all have the need to feel appreciated, in and out of work. When appreciation comes from the higher-ups, the employee’s efforts become worthwhile.

Another key happiness factor is the realization that one is not stuck in a rut, and that there is ample scope for growth. It is important for employees to know that they are not going to be doing the same thing for the many years to come. Remember, it is important to think positively about your work. It is equally important to avoid negative people and spend time with co-workers you genuinely like. Your choices at work largely define your experience, and you can choose to be happy at work so that each workday will be something you can look forward to.

Handy Hints:

• Identify the causes of stress and work at eliminating them.

• Transparent and open communication enhance work relations.

• Employees must be made to know they have scope for growth.