Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows
Like harmony in music; there is a dark
Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles
Discordant elements, makes them cling together
In one society.
William Wordsworth

The importance of creative thinking today needs no
emphasis. In your profession or sphere of work you will have
a competitive advantage if you develop your ability to come
up with new ideas. In your personal life, too, creative
thinking can lead you into new paths of creative activity. It
can enrich your life – though not always in the way you






 With creativity we start with what already exists.
 We recognize creativity where the artist or thinker of
genius has transformed the materials at hand into a new
creation of enduring value.
 ‘He is most original who adapts from the most sources’, as
the saying goes. You will be creative when you start
seeing or making connections between ideas that appear
to others to be far apart: the wider the apparent distance
the greater the degree of creative thinking involved.
 Creativity is the faculty of mind and spirit that enables us
to bring into existence, ostensibly out of nothing, something
of use, order, beauty or significance.
No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be
creative, you’re keeping the child in you alive.


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