Personal power is not something you find or get sometime in the future. Instead, it’s something that you already have and can start using right now. Don’t expect anyone else to treat you better than you treat yourself.

Personal power may be something we’re born with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t develop it. Doing so sets the tone for the way other people interact with you, how much joy you allow yourself, and the life experiences you attract.

Start to remember (and use) your personal power by living with and repeating these 20 simple truths:

1. Everything is in my own best interest.

2. I am more than this physical body.

3. My thoughts show up as my life.

4. I can always change my thoughts.

5. I am responsible for the way I see things.

6. I am entitled to miracles.

7. I have the strength to feel my feelings.

8. There is excitement in feeling vulnerable.

9. Fear is just a call for love.

10. I have a purpose.

11. I am free to constantly expand and try new things.

12. I will follow my excitement.

13. I deserve love and will not settle for less.

14. Everyone I meet is a reflection of me and/or a teacher.

15. I trust where I am right now.

16. I am worthy and valuable.

17. My success is not defined by external things.

18. I am enough. Right. Now.

19. I will give what I want to receive.

20. Rejection is just protection and redirection.

Which of these empowering statements resonates with you? How do you feel when you repeat them? Owning your personal power not only greatly enhances your ability to accept and feel joy in your life, but it also inspires others to do the same for themselves!