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  • Welcome back!Hey, If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been away from my blog WAY loegnr than you, though you have more going on professionally than I do. For me, personal stuff exploded back in December, and January was mostly about picking up the pieces and revamping my routine, and what progress I started to make got derailed in February when I got hit with a bad cold. So, in hindsight it was good I left my blog for awhile, otherwise I’d have bored my regulars. I’m better off leaving and coming back strong than overstay my welcome, virtually speaking.I’m trying to get into the habit of writing blog posts in advance so I’m not leaving it abandoned too long.Oh, and like you I have a thing with foxes, though I never had posters on my walls, I like collecting cute or striking animal-themed knickknacks.I’m writing (off and on) a story about a fox.As you may remember from time we shared on AW’s forums, I have this thing about telling stories with misunderstood animals. I’m also really partial to wolves, as my various avatar photos can attest, and I can’t tell you how much I want to write a non-paranormal story about wolves.Ever since I learned some interesting factoids about how aggressive and lethal dolphins can be (Cute as they are), it only stands to reason there are charming even noble traits of creatures that at times can be scary, or just a nuisance to farmers and backyard gardeners everywhere, right?Anyway, take careTaurean (C.J. Rockwell)

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